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Congregation - photo by Pete Noons
Congregation - photo by Pete Noons

Rabbi Shoshana's last service

We loved having Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky (centre, in blue top) with us for a three-month rabbi-swap in spring 2023, while Rabbi Margaret Jacobi was at her synagogue in Adelaide.

It felt like a rich, shared learning process, including lots of lovely music and new tunes, service leading skills, interfaith connections, campaigning on refugee rights in Australia – and lots of fun and creative approaches to cheder participation, Seder, Purim and other festivals.

Here we all are at Rabbi Shoshana's final Shabbat service at BPS, wishing her very well on her European travels and her return home to Adelaide. Thank you Rabbi Shoshana! 

You can read Margaret and Shoshana's rabbi-swap blog here